The Elite Players Group is born, an organisation created by some of the best players in history, elite athletes with a hunger for glory, who want to continue competing in this new category.

And in December 2023, the first event will be held. An international tournament where, for the first time, the 8 world champion countries will face each other again, to see who is the great champion.
More than 150 world-renowned and glory-hungry players will take part in this incredible event. 7 (7) all-or-nothing matches. A host country. An entire planet vibrating to see their heroes raise a new cup.

You are going to witness the Elite Players Group

The format: direct elimination matches, with a minimum of one match and a maximum of three matches per team.
It will be played in a single country, with two matches per day in the first phase, in a single stadium.
Each game will have 2 periods of 35 minutes each, with a 15-minute break.
If at the end of the match there is still a draw, 5 penalty kicks per team will be taken.
Each team will have the possibility of making all the necessary changes, with the player being able to get in the court twice in the same match.
It will be played in a grass field, with 11 players teams
The captains will be in charge of delivering a list of 18 players, coach, trainer and Doctor.
At least 9 players on the list must have played at least 1 match for their national team, in the youth or senior category, or have played at least 100 matches in the first division.
With a holistic vision and a global audience, the EPG offers opportunities for brands to partner with this unique event that will be broadcast worldwide. In addition, theevent allows content creation for different tv platforms and channels.
This year we change the history of soccer. Welcome to a new world, welcome to a new category, welcome to a new event.

You are invited to the Elite Players Group.

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